Monday, August 31, 2015

Kohelepelepe - Koko Crater Hike

On Saturday, August 29, 2015 the Tree Huggers went for a hike up the railway that was once used to transport supplies up to the WWII bunker on the top of what is known today as Koko Crater. Historically, the mountain is named Kohelepelepe after the enormous flying female body part that Pele's sister Kapo used to distract Kamapua'a with when he was attacking Pele.

We were greeted with a quick shower and lucked out with some cloud cover to keep us cool part of the hike.

The fastest Tree Hugger clocked in at 19 minutes, and the youngest and slowest took around an hour. Either way, the group had fun and was safe. The same cannot be said for one hiker who seemed to suffer from heat exhaustion. He was treated and released.

The view of Kalama Valley from the top has changed since 1983 as you can see in the photos.



See you next month at Palehua Tree Huggers! Good job!

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