Monday, August 31, 2015

Kohelepelepe - Koko Crater Hike

On Saturday, August 29, 2015 the Tree Huggers went for a hike up the railway that was once used to transport supplies up to the WWII bunker on the top of what is known today as Koko Crater. Historically, the mountain is named Kohelepelepe after the enormous flying female body part that Pele's sister Kapo used to distract Kamapua'a with when he was attacking Pele.

We were greeted with a quick shower and lucked out with some cloud cover to keep us cool part of the hike.

The fastest Tree Hugger clocked in at 19 minutes, and the youngest and slowest took around an hour. Either way, the group had fun and was safe. The same cannot be said for one hiker who seemed to suffer from heat exhaustion. He was treated and released.

The view of Kalama Valley from the top has changed since 1983 as you can see in the photos.



See you next month at Palehua Tree Huggers! Good job!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Goodwill Goes GLAM

On Saturday, July 18, 2015 the Tree Huggers teamed up with the MMS Service Learning Club and volunteered at Goodwill Goes GLAM. The event is Goodwill's annual fundraiser to support their mission of helping people with employment barriers reach their full potential and become self-sufficient.

The opportunity to support such a great cause took us away from the normal tree hugging events but still supported sustainability efforts as Goodwill's programs help to keep 12.5 million pounds out of our landfills every year.

The students helped to put price tags on the items, label the tags with sizes, and sort clothes for the retail event.

Tree Huggers also got a chance to shop at the event, get makeup advice, and meet Kini Zamora, local Project Runway star and the producer of this year's Goodwill Goes GLAM fashion show. We were all starstruck and lucky to have the opportunity to meet such a down to Earth, gracious, and talented designer.

Mahalo to all who shared their photos!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mt. Ka'ala

On Saturday May 23, 2015 the Wai'anae Mountains Watershed Partnership coordinated a trip up to Mount Ka'ala for the Tree Huggers school year finale. It was an excellent opportunity for the students to see native plants and animals (some of them rare and/or endangered) that live at the highest elevation on O'ahu. We learned about invaders that have impacted the ecology of the mountain and its inhabitants as well as got to see rare treasures like Trematolobelia kaalae and O'ahu tree snails. Mahalo nui WMWP for your support this school year and for this unique opportunity!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kuaokala Road

On Saturday April 18th the Tree Huggers got a unique and exciting experience be traveling on Kuaokala road from the Wai'anae side of the mountains to the northshore, 4WD most of the way.
While we did not need to do much hiking we got to collect a lot of native seed for the Wai'anae Mountains Watershed Partnership. The seeds will be processed and then planted in the greenhouse back at school until they are large enough to be out-planted.
The views from the trail were breathtaking!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Revisiting Mokauea Island

On Janurary 17, 2015 our first trip of the year was a revisit to Mokauea Island. The Tree Huggers love Mokauea so much and every trip is a unique experience.

This time, we spent a long time exploring sea creatures on the reef. The tide was nice and low so we could walk out pretty far. Tree Huggers daw eels, fish, crabs, anemones, sea cucumbers, and sea hares. On the way back in, we collected some invasive Gorilla Ogo (Gracilaria salicornia) from which we would sort out and remove the marine organisms.

We also uncovered cuttings from the cups (used Koebele's Big Gulp Method) to find that most of the cuttings had survived since blue track had planted them in December.

Thanks to the parents who helped to chaperone and drive all the students!